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How the product works




The core element of all our solutions is the WiWell treatment, a photocatalytic additive designed and developed by WiWell S.r.l. that hygienizes the surfaces where it is applied and the surrounding air. All of this in a very simple, natural, eco-friendly way and with zero aesthetical impact.
By means of a photocatalysis process, WiWell eliminates and transforms all agents that gives rise to indoor pollution, bringing the benefits of the sun in every room. By oxidation, polluters are processed into harmless salts and carbon dioxide. WiWell has an anti-microbial, virucidal, anti-bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing action, thanks to a strong oxidation provoked by the combination of nano-technologies and light source.


All our solutions can be easily integrated in every context, giving life to an “artificial wood” with which we can significantly improve the quality of the air and, consequently, of life.



Sunlight or an artificial light source, placed close to a surface treated with WiWell, activate the photocatalysis process, enabling our products to exploit its photocatalytic charatteristics and thus produce ROS (Reative Oxygen Species), elements that can turn harmful organic compounds into harmless inorganic ones (H2O and CO2).
For instance: if irradiated by sunlight or full spectrum light, an area of 25sqm treated with WiWell can purify around 2000cubic meters per hour. The sanitation time will be longer if irradiated by normal artificial light, but if the light is always on, once the product has activated photocatalysis, it will go on working 24hours, thus ensuring a healthier environment sanitized in real time.

Sanitation time will be commensurate with the dimensions of the area treated with WiWell.