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The main properties of WiWell:



    1. Thanks to photocatalytic oxidation, in less than one hour WiWell reduces up to 99% of microrganisms such as bacteria and fungi (tests in accordance with UNI-EN 13697: 2015 standard). It reduces and eliminates the growth of bacteria, molds, formaldehyde, viruses, pollens, fungi, VOCs i.e. any organic and inorganic pollutant (smog), substantially improving the quality of the air in any environment.  It greatly limits even the most bad odors of organic and inorganic origin (like nicotine, food, faeces, ammonia). Tested according to UNI EN 13725:2022 standard).
    2. In less than one minute WiWell reduces up to 90% of viral load (laboratory tests on Coronavirus, in compliance with the Reed-Muench recognised scientific method)
    3. 1 sqm of micro-perforated film coated with WiWell photocatalytic additive is more than adequate to hygienize and/or sanitize about 100 cubic metres of air every hour.  In the most delicate and high-traffic environments such as hospitals, vet clinics, classrooms, public transport, intensive livestock farms we suggest the installation of 1sqm every 30cubic metres (data recommended on the basis of environmental tests and supported by the international science community)
    4. Stain-resistant, anti-fog, self-cleaning and water-repellent
    5. Extremely easy to clean: simply use water, saving costs of detergents and reducing pollution!
    6. No maintenance nor operating costs required
    7. Essential conditions for the activation of WiWell are light, ambient humidity and slight air displacement, as photocatalysis exploits the convective motion of the air in order to be effective. It triggers by means of a simple light source, natural (sun) or artificial, and works continuously allowing you to live in the same room without contraindications!
    8. Long lasting, guaranteed effectiveness
    9. The invisible solution to keep a high and constant quality of the air
    10. The raw materials used for the development of our products do not contain biocidal agents: photocatalytic oxidation develops in a mechanical/physical way as a result of the combination WiWell + light + air + humidity.