WiPet photocatalytic film


WiPet photocatalytic film is the ideal solution conceived by WiWell for pets’ friends: a perfect kit to keep the interior of your car and your pets’ corner constantly wholesome and deodorized!


As for all our range of products, WiPet has easy application and presents all the awesome features of  the nanotechnologic method WiWell.  Its surface is coated with our photocatalytic additive WiWell which, once activated by light, triggers photocatalysis that hygienizes the environment where it is placed.  Thanks to WiPet, from now on your pets’ corner and your car will be hygienized and deodorized.

For this special kit, WiWell has started a new creative collaboration with the Italian cartoonist and multi-material artist Ugo Furlan who has realized fancy colourful comics that reproduce funny everyday life scenes featuring our fluffy friends.  And you will love them!

WiPet reduces the smells of your pets


Your WiPet kit includes:

  • a photocatalytic adhesive film in A5 size to keep the interior of your car always hygienized and deodorized.  The film is designed by the artist Ugo Furlan
  • two photocatalytic adhesive films measuring cm 50x68cm each: one has been designed by the artist Ugo Furlan, the other is neutral and translucent.  Each film size 50x68cm disinfects up to 40 cubic metres of air every hour!


We care about you… We care about your pet!


The photocatalysis triggered by WiWell products forms also molecular oxygen, which action can largely reduce bad odours (tested in compliance with UNI EN 13725:2022 standard).


WiPet pellicola A5 per autoWiPet pellicola 50x68 per ambiente