Wi4 photocatalytic deodorizing panel with sound-absorbing properties:


Wi4 photocatalytic, deodorizing and sound-absorbing panel is our most comprehensive product!

What is Wi4? Wi4 is four products in one! a furnishing accessory matching the photocatalytic and deodorinzing properties to sound-absorption.  Wi4 is a one-of-a-kind product: made of high quality materials, it can reduce different types of pollution at the same time: olfactory, environmental and noise.  Wi4 is very versatile and it boasts a wide choice of materials, shapes and colours.  Wi4 panel is available in different support materials: from premium leather to Dibond® or Forex® (the latter is recommended for school classrooms).

The photocatalysis triggered by the WiWell coating applied on the surface of the panel considerably reduces microrganisms like bacteria, viruses, pollens and bad odours by abatement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Furthermore, its sound-proofing material helps to reduce reverberation and noises.


Wi4 panels are customizable in design and colours, enabling us to meet our customers’ requirements.

Wi4 photocatalytic deodorizing  and sound-absorbing panels are intended for all gathering spaces: from schools to hotels, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, private homes…


Wi4 pannello fotocatalitico deodorante fonoassorbente