WiGlass is a microperforated adhesive film, it is detachable and see-through: a ”transparent” and easy solution for all those environments where it is important to preserve the original finishings.

Easy to apply, it bears all the characteristics of the WiWell nanotechnology.

The micropores of WiGlass act as “photocatalytic sinks”, i.e. micro-sized wells where concentrate the phocotacalysis substrate material with titanium dioxide and water, this last one working as a photocatalytic oxidiser .  Professor Salvatore Chirumbolo of Verona University reports here in detail how the photocatalytic adhesive WiGlass film works.

WiGlass is a simple and effective solution to maintain safe, in terms of hygiene, even the most sensitive and crowded environments such as hospitals, public means of transport, vet clinics, hotels, fitness centers, public places.

The photocatalysis triggered by our products forms molecular oxygen as well, which action can significantly reduce odours.

The activation principle of WiGlass is physical and not chemical: it therefore acts in a natural way and has no contraindications.



Suggestions of applications

retail food and non food – offices – waiting rooms – receptions – public means of transport (trains, buses, taxi, subway trains)

Applied to walls or cabinets, or as a window sticker for windows and shop windows of any size, it can be easily integrated in every environment and can sanitize the whole room, cabin or interior and significantly reduce any bad smell.