Sweepcart sanitizing system for shopping carts


Safe shopping is not easy, since studies have revealed that shopping carts are one of the dirtiest objects in the world.

Sanitizing our cart when we go shopping is now easy thanks to WiWell S.r.l.!
To solve the problem of dirty carts, WiWell has designed Sweepcart to help us hygienizing the shopping carts without the use of any dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to man and the environment.  Infact, bacteria and viruses build up a resistance to chemical disinfectants as they become addicted to the active principle of disinfectants, but they cannot develop habituation to our technology!

Sweepcart system by WiWell S.r.l. allows us to disinfect our shopping carts in a few seconds!

Sweepcart for a safe shopping all around

Also, all external surfaces of the Sweepcart structure are coated with our additive WiWell which, thanks to its photocatalytic properties, sanitizes the surrounding environment in an ongoing way.  This means the whole area around it, when stopping to grab it or to place it back, or while we wait for it to be sanitized, is continuously hygienized without us noticing.
It gets rid of 95% of bacteria, viruses and any other type of pollutants.

Sweepcart is the ideal solution, simple and effective, for a safe stop at the shopping mall!